Course Description

The AP course is an introductory college course; it is not easy, but neither is it impossibly difficult.  AP European History will be more demanding, but also more rewarding than regular or honors World History course. AP courses require more work, but they allow greater opportunities to master the subject and to explore it in greater depth.  CHS students have an opportunity to receive college placement and/or credit. Students in this course are expected to demonstrate knowledge of basic chronology, major events, and trends from approximately 1450 to the present. All historical issues are examined by a multi-casual approach revolving around the following three broad themes: (1) political/ diplomatic; (2) social/economic; and (3) cultural/intellectual. The course also refocuses on the changing views of man, God, science, and politics from the Renaissance to the present. Thus, students are frequently required to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate primary and secondary historical sources, in addition to comprehending, memorizing, and applying facts.